Monday, January 21, 2008

More snow!

Apparently, Mother nature decided the cold wasn't enough so it's snowing again. Very pretty to look at but I'm getting tired of that snow globe feeling. I really don't have any errands to do so I'll stay home and get some more work done on projects. It takes my mind off of my upcoming surgery. If I allow myself to think about it I get a little touch of anxiety just because surgery, hopitals are all an unknown factor at any given time.
I did take a test that a friend sent me.

"You Are a Red Crayon
Your world is colored with bright, vivid, wild colors.You have a deep, complex personality - and you are always expressing something about yourself.Bold and dominant, you are a natural leader. You have an energy that is intense... and sometimes overwhelming.Your reaction to everything tends to be strong. You are the master of love-hate relationships.Your color wheel opposite is green. Green people are way too mellow to understand what drives your energy. "


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