Monday, January 21, 2008

Fusing is fun!

Last night after watching the Packers, lose to the Giants, I needed something to relax me. I wandered into the studio and picked up a piece of fabric from a pile and cut a circle. Gotta love those circles, they just speak to me. After deciding that it looked like a huge moon and remembering how huge the moon looked when I was in Africa I thought I would make this an African inspired block.
I always love it when the fabrics you need are within grabbing reach.
I drew out the tree and found the African lady figure on another piece of fabric, located near my chair. Which makes me wonder why I had that box of African fabric out, in the first place. hmmmmmm
The Heat and Bond was fun to work with. I did decide to find a box to keep all the scraps of fabric that still had the heat and bond with paper attached to them. It seems like such a waste and who knows I might find a use for them in another fusing project. I'm really enjoying this whole process.
It reminds me of the felt figures from Sunday School and the giant felt board. I loved creating the little scenes with the felt people and animals. It was frustrating when they fell off the board or when the Sunday school teacher would take it down, reminding me that that particular scene probably did not appear in the bible or was not on topic for that days lesson.
Now, I can create scenes all I want and the people, trees and animals stay put!
The block is really a 10 1/2" block but I had to scan this picture since my camera is still in the shop being repaired.

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