Sunday, January 06, 2008

Can't see clearly.

It's very foggy outside. The temperature has risen and the snow is starting to melt. I can't see the farmhouse in the next field. That's my rule for traveling outside, if I can't see the farm house I just stay home. It works for snow storms and fog. It's rather a nice rule and fortunately, for me, I can enforce it. Two years ago I left the house, unable to see the farm house, in a snow storm, for a basketball game. The snow storm became a white out and frankly scared the pants off of me. I was truly driving blind. I had no idea where the sides of the road were and in my great wisdom to avoid the heavier traveled roads I decided to take the back country roads. Not a good idea. I did make it to my destination but I'm pretty sure I had offered up a lot of promises to the gods and goddesses to get me there.
So, due to the fog I am staying home today and continuing on my quest to clean out the guest bedroom upstairs of all my art supplies. I took over that room after my last knee replacement surgery. Frankly, I think it was just another excuse for me to make a mess. I did work on projects. I did put together the memorial booklet for my mother in law, when she died, but other than that not a lot of real art work as come out of that particular studio. The twin beds are covered with beads, bead containers, packages, paint brushes, paints and assorted papers.
My project today is to start to organize this stuff and get it back downstairs to the garage studio so that it's in one place.
Knowing what I know now about surgery and my recuperation after the surgery, doing anything that requires creative thinking is out of the picture. Until I get all those drugs out of my system I have trouble even following a simple sitcom. Which brings me to the fact that Lost begins on my third day in the hospital. sigh.......... I'll have to have John tape it. There is no way I'm going to be able to follow that show with most of my brain in la la land.

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