Wednesday, March 04, 2015

You asked me so now I'm telling you.

Some time between 4:00 and 4:30 while I am cocooned in my nice warm bed I start to hear the voice of Jonny Lee Miller, Sherlock Holmes, on the TV show, Elementary.  He is saying, "No excuses." Something he once said, in character, about thinking about skipping his addiction meetings.
And, so I get up much to the delight of new kitten, Joey.  He jumps up and down on the bed trying to get me to move faster. He knows the routine, I'll dress, feed Murphy, go downstairs and feed him and the other two cats. I'll let Murphy out, make coffee, let Murphy back in, grab coffee and my gym bag and hit the road.
It's dark and cold at 4:45. I'm lucky if I see one or two other cars out on the road. The traffic lights are all still on blinking mode.
There are people in the gym, already, in fact, I often see a car or two leaving when I arrive which means that they get there even earlier than me. I wonder if they have problems sleeping or are off to early morning jobs.
That's how the pool usually looks when I get there.
I have the place mostly to myself at least until 5:30, then the regulars arrive. We all take our favorite lanes, mine closest to the wall.  I have this idea that it is shallower there even though the numbers of the wall tell me that the entire pool is supposed to be 4'6" deep. I know for a fact that if I get stuck in the middle lane the water is up to my chin and often in my mouth. Not pleasant.
I run in the water. Not as easy as you would think. I need to push my body weight through the water. My arms aren't pulling me along like swimming it's my legs that have to do the work. Although, I think I might be seeing less underarm flab since I've been doing this.  I still won't be waving goodbye to anybody in a t-shirt but it doesn't seem a tad less wobbly.
After an hour of this I change back into gym clothes and hit the equipment. I find a really good Science Fiction book takes my mind off of the fact that it seems like I have been elliptical machine for hours and only 4 minutes has passed. I just finished a new book by Morgan Rice.  It has a dragon in it, I mean can you really ask for more?
After 30 minutes I move to the recumbent bike and do 20 minutes. 
The sun is now coming up when I leave the gym. My coffee is still hot. Thanks Justin and Shari for getting me a better thermos. This one does the trick. The traffic is all going the other way now. 

I'm home now, boy am I tired and sore.

 Just a little nap. Twenty minutes..............please.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Abstract Art

                                                             THE WALL #1
                                                             16" x 20"
                                                             Mixed Media

I've finished three in THE WALL series.  I'm really pleased with these abstract pieces.  They are many, many layered pieces of collage papers and acrylic paint with a wax like finish to the piece.

This is the second piece in the series.  Collage papers, stamped deli paper, acrylic skins, acrylic paint and painted tissue paper create many layers to this piece. 

I love the texture on this one, created with crackle paste and layers of paint and stain. Again handmade papers, collage papers and dyed cheesecloth add to the layers and depth on this one.  
All three are 16" x 20". 

I put a thick layer of heavy gel medium on each of them. Now that they are finally dry, it creates the same look as a wax coating does. I wanted to make sure that no pieces from the crackling worked themselves off the canvas over time.

I needed to get back to my roots when I finally found time to spend in the studio. I love collage, layers, lots of texture, using different mediums in a piece so starting on the first piece seemed a given.  It just worked its self into a series. 

The Women Inspiring Women Exhibit will be coming down from the gallery at Overture Center on March 2nd.  These pieces will be added to the show as we prepare to find our next venue for it.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

And, they were surprised that the judge issued them each $75,000 cash bonds?

I'm sure this is a sign for a clothing store. I rather like it as a reminder to stop and take a breath and get centered, in my life.
I have to say, the last couple of years I seldom read any newspapers. I get a smattering of updates from evening news shows, local chatter from coffee shops and friends and on Saturdays, if I am making a fire, I glance at the headlines as I roll up the pages for kindling.
Yesterdat while rolling up pages I glanced at a headline in the local section, BOYS CHARGED IN ASSAULTS.  Two boys, age 17 and one man age 21 were accused of having sex with two girls, age13 and one age 12.

A Facebook "friend", of four months, a young man, invited his new Facebook "friend", one of the girls and her friends to a party at his house.

When the girls showed up at the house and party one of the young girls admitted being 12........


That left three girls, one age 12 and two 13 as well as two 17 year old males and one 21 year old male.

Ok, I didn't make this hard for you. Besides the obvious red flags, stupid behavior, dangerous behavior, felony behavior isn't there something wrong with the statement that a  "number of people t became upset and left"?

The law is taking care of the males involved.
Therapy, parental supervision, time and perhaps some maturity might help the young girls involved.

I would like to know why those people that became upset get to walk away free and clear? Obviously, they were upset. They knew the situation was wrong and dangerous and wanted no part of it.

Did they notify any authorities? Did they do ANYTHING to get those little girls out of there? And, you and I know 12 and 13 year old girls these days can look and act much older than they are  but despite their wishes to be older they are still little girls. Did those people who were upset just throw up their hands and shake their heads and say, "Well, you are on your own, I'm out of here"?

SHAME ON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU THAT WALKED OUT THE DOOR AND DID NOTHING, SAID NOTHING. You knew what was going to happen or what had the possibility to happen.  You knew those girls weren't dropped off at the doorstep by their parents. And, the fact that they were even there told you that they might not have been the sharpest crayons in the box.

You knew the 21 year old could buy vodka, marijuana, Oxycontin and other drugs, which he did.

WTF did you think was going to happen to those girls? 

Did you honestly, think that they deserved it because they were stupid?  Because they think they can handle the world?  Because they think they are all grown up, sexy as heck and ready for the big time?

If I were a judge I would sentence every single one of you to at least 1000 hours of community service working with youth, rape counselors, just about anything that had to do with children and abuse.

No cleaning up the parks or gutters, let's get a firm impression in your heads that every single one of us is responsible, yes RESPONSIBLE for doing something, anything when we see something that is wrong or has the potential to go wrong very quickly.

I don't believe we get to walk away, shaking our heads. Yes, you can get into trouble, yes, you can even get hurt but do you truly believe that you can just ignore it?  Really?  Sleep well do you? Well, you may sleep like a baby but I will tell you now, like the old fortune teller in that back tent, Karma is a bitch and trust me, she doesn't forget. 

I know there are lots of people who need a whack on the head, parental training, family therapy and so on who are involved in this whole mess. Like I said, the law will take care of some of them, perhaps guilt or family pressure will apply to others. And some wil continue to make choices and decisions that will impact themselves and everybody around them like a bomb going off.

But for those who walked out of that party, again, SHAME ON YOU.

Sometimes I look around at people doing shameful things like Governor Walker and his destroying of our state, as he plods on his way, to thinking he might be our president some day and I can't do a thing. I can protest, write letters, bad mouth him and his policies whenever I can  but I can't give him that whack on the head he so richly deserves.
And, I know when I see someone abusing a child or an elderly person in a store I know not to interfer because they will most likely take it out on the child or individual but I do know to go and report it to someone in authority or call 911 if I have to. 

That's all any one of you had to do, when you left that party. Push 911 on your cell phone and call for some help. Let the police sort it out, they are trained for that kind of thing. You didn't even have to leave your name if you were that scared.

Now, I need to breathe and regain some balance.

:(  Bea

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Great Story.

It's a sad fact of life that holding hands with another person is only comfortable if you both have arms the right length.  
I found it enjoyable to sit and watch people walk by while I ate my lunch. I discretely took photos of any that I saw holding hands.
The finger clasp.
The fist hold.
The Mama/Son support hold.  This one was really sweet. I watched him very sweetly steer her around advertising posters and people as they walked. 

Yesterday, John and I took in an afternoon movie something we rarely are able to do.  We saw Birdman. There's another two hours of my life gone.
I disagree with the woman behind me who declared loudly, at the end of the movie, "BRILLIANT". Definitely a time when a comment tells you more about the person than the object. 

If curious about it at least wait until it reaches rental stage and save yourself some money. Speaking of money, there were no ticket takers at the theater.  You put your credit card in a machine and punched in the information for your ticket. Then you simply walked in the large theater lobby and found your theater.  It would be possible for a person to just walk in, not pay, spend the day going from one show to another.  I guess they find the honor system works better than paying an employee.  I hate to see any situation where a person loses a chance to have a job.

I want a good story in a movie.  I'm not asking for much.  I want to care about a character.  I want to see some plot, decent dialogue and decent acting.
I'm not interested in violence, blood & guts, foul language or probably anything that the average young movie goer wants. I just want a good story.  I want to hang on to every word and take the journey with the characters.

And, as the listener or viewer I wanted to be treated with respect. I want the A-team story tellers to show up.

Riley watched The Princess Pride last weekend for the first time, with us.  I glanced over at her often to watch her reaction and expression.  She was spell bound. She sat with her eyes focuses on the screen. When the movie was over she turned to me and said, "That was great!"  One of Grammybea's top ten Great Movies.

A good story.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Never bored, never.

If you develop your creative drive you are never ever bored. Never. You find yourself looking at the world, humans and animals with different lenses.

Yesterday, I started out on my walk with my camera to take my usual pictures of the higher parts buildings against the beautiful sky color and puffy clouds.
The light was perfect, the clouds puffy, on cue.
I can't resist the urge to take reflection photos in any large gorgeous, glass office building.
The rain was forecast to arrive by late afternoon so I had plenty of time to wander around the city.
Although, St. Petersburg has a beautiful sky line it's not that large, one of the things I love about it.

Seeing an interesting door down a side street I switched photo snapping gears and got this beautiful shot. I love the details in and around the arch.

I've been trying to come up with some different photo challenges for myself. Taking pictures of things that I normally don't feel comfortable taking or frankly seldom think about taking. Yesterday, I decided to take pictures of signs and then isolate the numbers and letters out of them to spell things. Something, you often see on photo canvases in gift shops.

That occupied me for a couple of blocks.

Some blocks gave me unlimited amount of signs to photograph.
I can't tell you how happy John is that digital was invented and he doesn't have to pay for rolls and rolls of film. 
I found myself early for the Morean Glass Studio or the Holocaust Museum. Although, I did stand at the entrance of the Holocaust and feel the same sharp, painful energy that I felt at the Washington, D.C. building. 
I wandered into the Florida Craftart Gallery and was instantly overwhelmed with the talent of the artists and their work displayed there.
Ok, these are just fun. But, if you have a pair of shoes that you want the artist to commemorate she is happy to do it for you for an agreed upon price.
There is a lot of detailed beading work going on here.

Some more interesting pieces of artwork. I found myself spending a lot of time in the shop looking at how things were made, appreciating the time, energy and talent that went into everything.

In the room next door was an exhibit of Voodoo Art.  Incredible beaded pieces of artwork made by entire families. 
The dolls are Mixed Media, made wood and found objects. Really interesting to see close up.

There are no cheap stick a pin in it dolls in this exhibit.  These are beautiful works of art meticulously worked on by individuals and family members. A beautiful collection and I'm so glad I got an unexpected chance to see it.

I checked out the other side of the building, hoping that some artists would be in residence working in their studios but nobody was home. 

All in all a good morning.  I walked back to the Vinoy a different route. Found some great outdoor sculpture to entertain me.

Lunch time found me back on the main drag watching people. This time I decided to only photograph people holding hands. That's for another day, maybe a Black & White Photo Challenge.